Custom Helmet

Back in 2013 I was completing my final high school visual communication project for VCE. I am a big fan of motocross and chose to work on a helmet and also a motorbike sticker kit (will come in a later post). 

During this assignment I had gotten into a spray painting and chose this to be the best method to paint the helmet.

I wanted there to be these flowing shapes throughout the helmet so I had to individually cut out shapes and then place them on the helmet. This meant creating drawing out the shapes onto glue paper then placing them on the helmet.

Once the masks had been applied I then did the final spray painting on the helmet, this process was fairly easy as it wasn't intricate.  

Once the final paint was applied, a clear coat was put on top and then final pictures were taken

Delft Netherlands

Last year I went on exchange to the Netherlands studying at TU Delft. The entire experience was great, met a lot of cool people and had a lot of spare time in which I filled up with drawing. Probably drawing more than I've ever drawn before. 


I've been working on this painting over the past couple weeks. Probably the most work intensive painting I have ever done, every part of each line had to be coloured in with 3 different colours. Each line takes 5 minutes to do, so count how many lines there are and do the maths and that's a lot of f*** time. 

worth it......maybe........unsure.

Initially drawing was done in the Netherlands while on exchange and once I came back and had a bucket load of spare time I made the painting.

The painting process was extremely tedous, by no means was it challenging, practically a 4 year old could've done it since there was just lots of colouring in. The end result was quite nice, hopefully people like it, I definitely see doing bigger more intricate pieces but also want to try do some different pieces.