I’ve been trying to play around with different composition and colours with the use of my logo. Not as the centre piece but to create some fun shapes and colour combinations with the logo as that tool


Painting without a purpose

Recently I've torn my ACL and have had to spend a large amount of time recuperating in bed. I can rarely sit still even with a busted knee so I decided to keep myself busy and do a bunch of painting on relatively small objects. 

I've come to find that my paintings aren't very different from each other because they all use the same technique of using patterns to build detail into relatively simple designs. 

Skateboard design, I definilty prefer the blue colours to the other red's the blue's stand out more 

Skateboard design, I definilty prefer the blue colours to the other red's the blue's stand out more 

This piece uses the same colours, with a simpler canvas

This piece uses the same colours, with a simpler canvas

Video montage of the creating of the painting seen above



I've been doing a bunch of sketching recently, none of it has been technical drawings but purely artistic. I seem to have a lot of free time on my hands so this has kept me very occupied.

I enjoy using patterns to give detail, I'm not very good at adding detail into my visuals the usual way of making areas darker or by adding more to the image. Using the patterns almost create that detail I want in the image without me doing a whole lot more.

I think I should start turning these all in vector images, then I could possibly put them on shirts.

Paper Weight

For a university class I was instructed to develop and digitally design a hand-held object form. 

For this class there was more of an emphasis on the process of creating the form and not so much on the functionality of it, so I chose a paper weight due to it's fairly simple functionality and size. Initially I collated a bunch of precedents to give me an idea of possible textures and the form. 

After this I started creating concepts for the form. 

After creating concepts it was time to start modelling ideas in Fusion 360

During this process, it was easy for me to come up with ideas but the final result of each idea never looked good, one of the reasons for this was I didn't spend much time on each shape as I wanted the creating of concepts to bit quick. I chose to get one of my drawing concepts and attempt to make it using the sculpture feature within Fusion 360. 


I was fairly happy with the final form, but I needed to add a texture to the form. I was still very undecided with what I wanted to do with the texture but the main goal of the texturing is to emphasis the shape and not just look like it had been thrown on as an after thought. 

I kept trying to find textures that I liked and this wasn't working so I chose to instead draw on top textures that I can imagine would fit the form. I chose to use a diamond shape to imprint on the form so that it would have the feel of snake skin

Once texturing was done it was time to take the model into Keyshot to make it look like one of god's artworks. The final material was black anodised stainless steel. 

New art

Recently I worked on a painting that was based off a drawing I did a couple months ago. 

Overall I was happy with the final product, someone ended up buying it which was nice



When I was doing exchange in the Netherlands I completed a class called 'Design Experience'. This class was probably my favourite of all the classes and it really was different from anything I had ever done before. 

The project started off with using a simple shape and forming it to look like a single shape. 


This was the shape I chose to look at. There were 7 others to choose from but I thought I could do the most with this one. 

After this stage it was next to design a product that was inspired by the chosen effect on the shape, I chose the image on the far right.


I came up with a couple ideas for a shower, but the aim was something that wrapped around the user using the likeliness of the initial shape. The final idea was this shower that was like a conch shell covering the user while also having the slit opening. Next was to Computer generate the design and render it. The modeling was done in Solid Thinking Evolve and then rendered in Keyshot. 


Christopher Nielsen_4513576_Project 2 (dragged).jpg

Final renders. 

shower build final rendering model.127.jpg
Beach scene.jpg
Douche is Shower in Dutch

Douche is Shower in Dutch