For a university assignment we were tasked with making a product of a our choosing with an emphasis on craftsmanship. I decided to make a speaker, I wasn't focused on making the best sounding possible speaker but i wanted to make a speaker that looked completely different from what currently exists. 

These were some of my concept designs, I settled on the oval shaped speaker as I thought it was the most do-able design. After this caid designs were made to help me better understand my idea. 

For the speaker I decided it was best to make an initial prototype in foam form. I concluded that after this the speaker was waaay too big, measuring at 60cm tall. I decided cutting the size down to 45cm was a better choice and in the long run would make the project cheaper for me. 

The following images are of the creation of each of the parts of the speaker from the main wooden body to the speaker internal housing. 

After all the work, final touches were done and product shots were taken, first time I ever did product photos and was happy with the final photos

Delft Netherlands

Last year I went on exchange to the Netherlands studying at TU Delft. The entire experience was great, met a lot of cool people and had a lot of spare time in which I filled up with drawing. Probably drawing more than I've ever drawn before. 


I've been working on this painting over the past couple weeks. Probably the most work intensive painting I have ever done, every part of each line had to be coloured in with 3 different colours. Each line takes 5 minutes to do, so count how many lines there are and do the maths and that's a lot of f*** time. 

worth it......maybe........unsure.

Initially drawing was done in the Netherlands while on exchange and once I came back and had a bucket load of spare time I made the painting.

The painting process was extremely tedous, by no means was it challenging, practically a 4 year old could've done it since there was just lots of colouring in. The end result was quite nice, hopefully people like it, I definitely see doing bigger more intricate pieces but also want to try do some different pieces.