When I was doing exchange in the Netherlands I completed a class called 'Design Experience'. This class was probably my favourite of all the classes and it really was different from anything I had ever done before. 

The project started off with using a simple shape and forming it to look like a single shape. 


This was the shape I chose to look at. There were 7 others to choose from but I thought I could do the most with this one. 

After this stage it was next to design a product that was inspired by the chosen effect on the shape, I chose the image on the far right.


I came up with a couple ideas for a shower, but the aim was something that wrapped around the user using the likeliness of the initial shape. The final idea was this shower that was like a conch shell covering the user while also having the slit opening. Next was to Computer generate the design and render it. The modeling was done in Solid Thinking Evolve and then rendered in Keyshot. 


Christopher Nielsen_4513576_Project 2 (dragged).jpg

Final renders. 

shower build final rendering model.127.jpg
Beach scene.jpg
Douche is Shower in Dutch

Douche is Shower in Dutch


For a university assignment we were tasked with making a product of a our choosing with an emphasis on craftsmanship. I decided to make a speaker, I wasn't focused on making the best sounding possible speaker but i wanted to make a speaker that looked completely different from what currently exists. 

These were some of my concept designs, I settled on the oval shaped speaker as I thought it was the most do-able design. After this caid designs were made to help me better understand my idea. 

For the speaker I decided it was best to make an initial prototype in foam form. I concluded that after this the speaker was waaay too big, measuring at 60cm tall. I decided cutting the size down to 45cm was a better choice and in the long run would make the project cheaper for me. 

The following images are of the creation of each of the parts of the speaker from the main wooden body to the speaker internal housing. 

After all the work, final touches were done and product shots were taken, first time I ever did product photos and was happy with the final photos